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Our innovative service facilities address a key infrastructure issue facing original equipment manufacturers of Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles (FCEVs) as they aggressively introduce hydrogen-based cars into the global marketplace.  

Once FCEVs populate the roads, they will need to be serviced in a safe environment that consistently deals with all hydrogen considerations, is cost effective and efficient in its operations, and meets all applicable codes and safety regulations for local development.

Our modular service garage is a self-contained vehicle service center for FCEV.  We have developed a comprehensive specification that provides a hydrogen-safe working environment when these vehicles are being serviced.  The safe environment is maintained by incorporating features, which include but are not limited to:

  • ventilation and exhaust systems with redundant fans;
  • hydrogen leak detectors,
  • intrinsically safe electrical systems;
  • explosion proof lighting imbedded in sidewalls,
  • an interlocked control system with E-Stops;
  • compliant with Codes & Standards;
  • air intakes at floor level;
  • grounding, and proper signage.


Conventional thinking would be to retrofit existing service garages at dealerships to be compliant with current Codes & Standards.  However this effort is typically very expensive, work disruptive to normal dealership operations, and time consuming from an engineering, permitting and construction perspective.

Hydrogen Safe Service Center Advantages

We suggest that the market drivers for a separate modular service building are:

  • Need for maintenance of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles that are expected to be deployed soon after 2015;
  • Expeditious permitting of a service facility that is in full compliance with Code and Standards;
  • Rapid construction of a service facility because of its standardized design; and
  • Low cost, timely development and with minimum impact upon existing facilities.

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